What helps you to recognize

Wie Sie erkennen

What helps you to recognize whether you are in the right place

During the trial sessions you have the opportunity to find out whether the chemistry is right for you and whether you want to start a therapy with us. We would like you to agree to the following sentences when you are with us:

  • I feel understood.
The psychotherapist seems to me to be professionally competent
I have the feeling that the psychotherapist has grasped my problem
  • The psychotherapist will answer my questions regarding his or her qualifications. They know about my problem and tell me where their limits are
  • I’m getting an idea how psychotherapy might work
  • Psychotherapy is conducted as a dialogue
  • I get food for thought or find new ideas and perspectives on my own through the conversation
  • I get to know and understand myself better
  • The conversations motivate me to try something new
  • The psychotherapist gives me feedback on how they perceive me, if I want to
  • It is possible to address difficulties. The psychotherapist apologizes for mistakes
  • I feel comfortable during the sessions, and sometimes I even have to smile inside

“You see something a hundred times, a thousand times before you really see it for the very first time.”
Christian Morgenstern