Forms of psychotherapy

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Forms of psychotherapy

Individual therapy

Most of the therapies take place as individual therapies. The frequency of the sessions depends on your personal needs and the form of the problem. For the most part, the therapies take place every one to two to a maximum of four weeks.

Group therapy

If there is a sufficient number of participants and indication, we offer group therapies in small groups (max. 5 participants) in combination with individual therapy. Common topics are burn-out, depression, anxiety disorders and self-confidence.

Couples therapy

Like every living being, every relationship develops. If the external demands are high (professional stress, lack of time, bringing up children) it is often difficult to maintain and develop the relationship sufficiently. This leads to quarrels and alienation. One partner is often more dissatisfied than the other. One partner wants to separate or has an external relationship. We help you to clarify whether the partnership still makes sense for you or whether it is better to go your own way. We help you to find each other again, to deal with conflict situations better or to understand each other better. If you decide to separate, we will work with a mediator. We have a lot of experience in couple therapy with binational couples, which can also take place in English and Spanish (see special areas).

Couples therapy is not a benefit paid by the health insurance.

 Sexual therapy and counselling

Sexuality is an important part of human life and every partnership. Often the needs in this area are differently developed. There are conflicts, sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, pain during intercourse or listlessness. Such disorders are best treated together with the partner.

Sexual therapy is only covered to a limited extent by the health insurance companies. It is best to ask your insurance company.