Responsible for this content:
Dipl.-Psych. Stefan Auch-Schmidt
Dipl.-Psych. Christine Auch
Psychological psychotherapists
Haugstraße 4
70563 Stuttgart-Vaihingen
Phone 0711 34180094
StID no. 41005/31720

Competent supervisory authority:
Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Baden-Württemberg
(Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Baden-Württemberg)
(Stuttgart regional office)
Albstadtweg 11
70567 Stuttgart

Competent state chamber of psychotherapists:
Landespsychotherapeutenkammer Baden-Württemberg
Jägerstr. 40
70174 Stuttgart

Job title Dipl.-Psychologe awarded in Germany, University of Trier

Stefan Auch-Schmidt, 23.10.1998

Licence to practise as a psychological psychotherapist Regierungspräsiduum Stuttgart

Stefan Auch-Schmidt, 27.09.2004

Admission to contractual medical care

Stefan Auch-Schmidt since 01.10.2006

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